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Please be advised that you must meet the following eligibility requirements (which may be changed at any time by Producer in its sole discretion) (collectively, the "Eligibility Requirements") in order to proceed with the application process and to participate in the Program:
  1. You must be legally present in the United States, with the unrestricted right to work for any U.S. employer and to live in the United States and you must be eligible to accept the prize, if awarded. You must provide Producer with any documentation or proof that Producer requires to confirm the foregoing, including, without limitation, (i) a valid US passport or combination of valid US driver's license and valid social security card, and (ii) any work permits required by the state of New Jersey (if any).
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age by the date you submit your application. All applicants who meet this criterion are welcome and encouraged to apply to be a participant.
  3. Fiction, including novels in verse, written for young adult audiences and older will be accepted. We will also accept memoirs. At this time, we are not accepting poetry collections, middle grade fiction and nonfiction, or books for children. Producer reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted.
  4. You must submit a full application online no later than September 15, 2022 to be eligible for the in-person contest on October 30, 2022 (the “Pilot Taping”). You may not edit your submission after September 15, 2022. You have the right to withdraw your submission at any time prior to September 15, 2022.
  5. One hundred semifinalists will be notified by email on October 1, 2022.
  6. Semifinalists must be able to attend the Pilot Taping in Newark, NJ on October 30, 2022. Semifinalists who are unable to attend the Pilot Taping should immediately notify Producer via email.
  7. During the Pilot Taping, twenty (20) semifinalists will be selected as contestants to live-pitch their submission, and one person will be selected as the winner. The twenty contestants will not be announced in advance. If you are selected as the winner, you must be able to attend an additional day of taping on October 31, 2022.
  8. The winner announced during the Pilot Taping will receive a $2,500 cash prize.
  9. You must voluntarily submit to and complete a background check, in accordance with applicable laws and execute all documents required by Producer in connection with such background check.
  10. To accept an invitation to be a contestant, you must timely complete and return the Participant Agreement, Release Agreements and all exhibits, schedules and attachments thereto that will be furnished to you by Producer and will include, among other things, release forms and waivers for review and signature by you.
  11. You may not participate in the Program if your participation would create impropriety or the appearance of impropriety. In making this determination, Producer and any television network broadcasting the Program will consider whether you nor any of your immediate family members or anyone living in your household may be or have been within the past two (2) years employees, officers, directors or agents of any of the following: Producer, PBS or Corporation for Public Broadcasting or any entity owned or controlled by or affiliated with the foregoing or any television network broadcasting the Program, or any of their respective direct or indirect parent, subsidiary, affiliated or related entities; (b) any person or entity involved in the development, production, distribution or other exploitation of the Program or any variation thereof; (c) any sponsor of the Program or its advertising agency; or (d) any person or entity supplying goods, services or prizes to the Program. In addition, Producer reserves the right to render ineligible any person that Producer determines, in its sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the production, administration, judging, or distribution of the Program such that his or her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety.
  12. The foregoing eligibility requirements may be amended, revised or changed at any time and in any fashion in Producer's sole discretion.