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Where are you in the process of creating the show?

America’s Next Great Author is currently in development. We filmed a proof of concept on October 30-31, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey. The two days of filming consisted of a live Pitchapalooza competition, a writers workshop, and sample challenges. Read more in Publishers Weekly.

The proof of concept for America’s Next Great Author will not be the first episode in the series. It will be used to show TV Executives what the voice, concept, feel of the show will be. You can learn more about the proof of concept here.

How can I watch the series?

You can’t…yet! We first have to make the proof of concept and then sell it to a network. If you want to know when the series airs, sign up here.

What is the tone?

Think Queer Eye, Lizzo’s Keeping Up The Big GRRRLS, and The Great British Baking Show: Lots of support from fellow writers and constructive feedback from judges who want you to succeed. Sadly, we can’t promise perfect pavlova.

How can I audition?

We are not currently open for auditions. Join our mailing list to receive notification of future casting calls. Plus, you’ll get show updates and info on how YOU can become America’s Next Great Author.

Did writers retain the rights to their books and pitches?

Yes! Participants in our proof of concept retained all ownership rights of the materials in their submission. To participate, they granted to America’s Next Great Author the right to use their written pitch, audition video and all other materials submitted in connection with the online application.

They also granted America’s Next Great Author the right to record and use their likeness.

Read the Participant Agreement and the Online Audition Terms and Conditions for full details.

Will the winner of the proof of concept be in the full season?

We don’t know the answer to this because we are too early in the process. We will keep in touch with the winner to notify them of details as the show moves forward.

Sign up to receive updates on when we’ll be filling the writers retreat.

How do I know someone won’t steal my idea?

If there's one thing we've learned, having an idea for a book is a whole other animal than writing that book. Even if you gave ten writers the same idea, they'd come up with ten completely different books. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we've found that the greatest barrier to getting published is to NOT tell people your book idea. Our goal is to help you get your book into the world with your name on it.

You retain all rights to your pitch and the materials you submit in your application. In order to participate, you will grant America’s Next Great Author a license to use your materials solely in connection with the promotion, marketing, advertising, exploitation, exhibition and distribution of the Pilot and Series. America's Next Great Author has no rights to your book, or the ideas expressed in the pitch materials. Review the full text of this agreement at our Participant Agreement and Terms and Conditions to understand how America’s Next Great Author will use your pitch, video, and the recording of the pilot and the licenses you are granting by participating.